What is Our Anger About?

A photo by Andrea Boldizsar. unsplash.com/photos/1iP1dozVO8I

I don’t know if you have noticed (and I’m sure you have) that there is a lot of anger  in our world.  A contentious election is heating up in the US, there are civil wars and brutal conflicts, and drivers are encountering road rage every day.

What is our anger about?
Anger is an interesting emotion because of the power it wields.  Angry people are compelling, intense, and sometimes frightening.  Anger is not right or wrong, but what we do with our anger makes all the difference in the world.
Anger is a natural response that is self-protective and tries to create a safe place for our lives, our inner world, or our values.  While Anger is normal, how we process our anger and act out on our anger can either hurt or help us.
Much of our anger has to do with protecting our sense of safety, belonging, and significance.
When we encounter people or situations that push against our sense of safety we may lash out in harsh words or actions to protect ourselves. If our sense of belonging is threatened we may get angry for feeling excluded and not valued. If our significance is threatened, then we may get angry because we feel people don’t see our contributions and respect them.

These core needs of safety, belonging, and significance are so ingrained in our being that any perceived threat (real or imagined) can trip an anger response.  The problem is that for many of us, the threats we feel are more often imagined, but if we are living with lack of awareness the threats feel real enough.

Many of us have encountered angry people in our travels. I’ve had people swear at me, flip me off, and tailgate my car because they didn’t think I was driving fast enough.  I’ve seen stranded passengers at the airport unleash a fury of harsh words at the gate agent because a flight was cancelled.  I’ve had angry looks and finger gestures because someone thought I took their parking space.

These reactions can be so intense that I wonder, “Wow! If they get this angry for this small of an issue, what are they like when a real threat happens?”

It’s important to remember that our thinking affects how we feel and how we act.  If we are thinking thoughts that are misinterpreting a situation as threatening, our feelings and actions may lead to anger or other emotions.  The problem is that our thoughts are not always accurate, but feelings can be so powerful that it feels accurate.

Here are some mistaken thoughts I’ve in others (and myself)

That person is more important than I am
They think they are better than me
I”m better than they are
They don’t value me
 They don’t respect me
 No one likes me
 I am not good enough
The reason these thoughts are often mistaken, is that our ego ( or our inner voice) is primarily a self-protective mechanism. It is not necessarily distinguishing between real or imagined threats, because without awareness it’s a usually a reactive response.

If we feel anger rising within us it’s a good time pause, take a deep breath, and ask ourselves “Why am I angry?”.  With a little reflection and time before we express our anger (or after we express it), we’ll start to see patterns of thinking that are leading us astray. We’ll start to see that the threats to our sense of safety, belonging, and significance are more imaginary than real.

If we can slow down enough while we are feeling angry we have the ability to see what core need is being threatened and then make adjustments to our response.


There is legitimate anger, though,  in response to violence, injustice, and inequity.  These threats are real and its affects are damaging both emotionally and physically. There is good reason why people are angry in the face of discrimination, abuse, and war.

Whether anger is generated by our inflated ego or through real hardship, it’s important to know how to respond.  I have to admit that I don’t know what it’s like to be targeted with inequity or discrimination. In my observations, though, a response of non-violence and forgoing an “eye for an eye” leads to better outcomes for more people over time.

It takes a lot of insight to not let your ego take control and lead you into anger. It takes more to forgo violence and retribution in face of real hardship.

There is anger than runs deep through years of hurt and mistrust. That anger is often passed from generation to generation unless there is an intervention. It’s not the goal of this post to address this level of complexity.

It is my goal that we create an awareness in our lives so that when we are angry we can stop, ask “Why am I angry?” and then choose our response that will protect the needs for safety, belonging, and significance in ourselves and those around us.


Are You Living the Life You Dreamed Of?

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Unless You’re a Narcissist, Comparisons Rarely Work


When people engage in comparing themselves to others they rarely come out on top. A Narcissist, on the other hand, has an inflated ego due to an inner world of self-doubt. The narcissistic behavior is an overcompensation for this inner reality.  That is not most of us. In my life when I make comparisons to […]

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The Real Struggle of Affluence


I was listening to a podcast where a guest was recounting the enormous mental and physical challenge of running a 100 mile ultra marathon.  It was a fascinating story where they where at the breaking point of mental and physical exhaustion many times, fell and cut open their knee, and vomited multiple times yet still […]

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Why I Love Flawed Heroes

Credit: Martinm303

In pop culture we have a lot of amazing hero characters that entertain us and any of them are almost flawless. James Bond is good looking, tough, and has the ability to work his way out of any difficulty.  If he has flaws in his personality you don’t see them, but in general he is portrayed […]

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Life Lessons From A 4th Grade Violin Recital

  My youngest son had his first violin recital this week and I couldn’t be prouder. As adults we often overlook the monumental lessons our kids learn during these events. I think we can learn from them too. Here a few life lessons I pulled out of a 4th grade music recital. It takes courage to […]

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I Am Not Always What My Thoughts Say I Am


  Over the past couple of years I’ve trying to be more mindful of my thoughts and feelings. It’s easy to blow past our inner world through the busyness of the day. We have hundreds of thoughts that flow beneath the surface of our consciousness and occasionally they bubble to the surface. At times I […]

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AC: The Power of Appetite Correction: Interview with Dr. Bert Herring


Do you ever feel like your appetite is out of control? I know that for myself and many others who have struggled to lose weight that feeling out of control is a common issue.  At times it seems like our appetite has a mind of it’s own and no matter what we do to gain […]

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Get Smart & Get Slim- Final Chapter

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Get Smart & Get Slim-Chapter 11

Chapter 11 How To Eat: The Best Advice From The Best Diets

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Get Smart & Get Slim- Chapter 10

If you want to lose weight and keep it off forever, you have to get comfortable with maintenance Maintenance: The Party is Over Congratulations!  You have achieved your weight loss goal, but now what? The problem with most diets is that once you’ve hit your ideal weight you have to transition to another way of […]

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Get Smart & Get Slim- Chapter 9

Chapter 9 If You want to lose weight and keep it off for life, you have to find better ways of dealing with stress I think a large part of our population is overweight and obese because of emotional eating. I don’t have statistics on that, but my observation is that many people eat emotionally […]

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Get Smart & Get Slim- Chapter 8

If You Want to Lose Weight & Keep It Off, You Have to Adapt   Adaptation One of the reasons people fail in their weight loss and maintenance plans is that they are not adaptable. Over time, what works for us today may not work for us in the future.

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Get Smart & Get Slim- Chapter 7

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Get Smart & Get Slim- Chapter 6

Chapter 6 If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to give up perfection. Perfection is the enemy of the good. The problem with most diets is that they demand, implicitly or explicitly, perfection. “If you follow these simple rules to eating, you will lose weight.” I’ve seen diets that demand certain […]

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Get Smart & Get Slim- Chapter 4

Creating Greater Awareness of Your Environment (You are surrounded and Outnumbered)   You are Surrounded! Let’s face it. We are surrounded by food. There is no place you can go in daily life where you can’t find food.  Go the gas station and what do you find? Gas? No, you find food. In fact, most gas […]

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Get Smart & Get Slim- Chapter 3

You Need to Switch From Short-Term Plans to Long-Term Planning The Short-Term There’s a gas station in your neighborhood that is selling gas $1 less than everyone else. That’s hard to pass up, so you fill your car and you are on your way. At first you notice that your car doesn’t seem to run as well, […]

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Get Smart & Get Slim- Chapter 2

  New Thinking: I Can’t Exercise My Way Out of a Bad Diet From the time I was a child through my college years,  my family and about 35 to 50 of our relatives and friends would celebrate Thanksgiving  at a  church in Downey, CA.  The adults would divide up the responsibilities  for the food  and the kids would […]

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Get Smart & Get Slim – Chapter 1

  To Lose Weight & Keep It Off You Have to Think Differently   Old Thinking: I Can’t Lose Weight, It’s Genetic          I can relate to that. I like to say that my gene pool comes from the cesspool. I mean it. A lot of my family members have struggled with their weight. Diabetes hasn’t […]

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Get Smart & Get Slim -Preface Chapter


If we are so smart, why are we so fat?  I don’t mean this to be judgmental or condescending. More than anything, it’s an observation.  We’ve sent people to the moon, cured diseases, invented computers and smart phones, and revolutionized how we communicate and connect through the web and social media. We’ve built robots that we’ve […]

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What They Won’t Tell You When You Want to Lose Weight

Crdit: matehavitaliy

We are rounding the corner to a new year and  many of us will be making resolutions to lose weight, again.  This is the number one resolution of the year and yet the vast majority of us are struggling with our health. The marketing hype is starting up again about quick weight loss programs, exercise […]

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Surviving and Thriving in the Holidays

  Ah, the holidays are here. We are now in the throes of a marketing blitz to capture every dollar that retailers can get from us. Black Friday is getting darker as more retailers are opening earlier every year. This year many stores opened their doors at 5pm on Thanksgiving Day. The advertisers and the […]

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3 Steps to Reinventing Your Career

Photo: Krivosheevv

I’ve worked with many people who are at a crossroad in their career. The have been working for years in one field or industry and they are now at a point where by choice or circumstances they have to do something new.  I’ve been there and I understand the difficulty of the process of reinventing […]

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6 Questions to Ask When Making Hard Decisions

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Do you have a hard decision to make? Life is filled with circumstances where we need or are forced to make hard decisions.  The reason these decisions are difficult is that there is not always a clear way forward and we are filled with anxiety about making the wrong choice. In my life and in […]

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What If The Golden Years Are Right Now? (And You’re Missing Them)

Credit: DeduloPhotos

  How many times have you had the thought, “When I get to ______ life will really be great!” That is what I call the Golden Years.  A time in life where we look forward to our future becoming better than what it is today.  Life will really be great: When I retire. When the […]

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4 Reasons We Regain The Weight We’ve Lost

file0001304332380 (1)

  I’ve been there time and time again. I’ve lost weight through hard work and determinism, increased my exercise only to regain the weight.  Frustrated and defeated, I often gained a few more pounds to make matters worse. Why is it that it’s so hard to lose weight and keep it off?  The title of […]

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Why Perfectionism is Killing Your Diet

Credit: Kakisky

[huge_it_share] About 45 million of us in the United States is on a diet and will spend about $33 billion on weight loss products this year.(1)  Why is it that we can spend so much and yet only about 5% of us will lose weight and keep it off for more than 3 years? One […]

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Pay Attention To What Grabs Your Attention


  We encounter so much information in a day. Thousands of messages, news items, and advertisements flow through our day and if we had to pay attention to all of them our brains would overload. The good news is that our minds filter out much of this and we naturally gravitate towards information that interests […]

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Solve Your Problems By Not Focusing On Them


  There are times in life when it seems that we can’t find answers to our problems.  No matter how hard we try to come up with the solution, we get more frustrated and anxious because we are not making progress. If feels like we are spinning out of control or going down a dark […]

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Plan B is Plan A With Rain


  How often do we start on goals only to find ourselves frustrated because circumstances out of our control get in the way? I would have to say that most goals in life don’t go according to our plans whether it be in our health, our relationships, or our career. I’ve learned an important life lesson through […]

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If You’re Not In Charge Of Your Career, No One Is


  There used to be an idea that if you were hired by a company, worked hard and provided them with a lot of value, you would have a job for life. I don’t know if that was universally true, but we all know of people who were hired right out of high school or […]

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Does Saying “I’m Sorry” Mean More Than “I Love You”?


  How often do we say or do things to people we love that we regret? If life were perfect the answer would be “never”. But the reality is that we are all flawed and will cross the line into hurtful words and actions. Healthy relationships are not conflict free.  Conflict is a part of […]

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The Transformative Power of Gratitude

IMG_0920 (2)

  Gratitude can change your life Research by Robert Emmons and Michael McCullough has found that people who develop the habit of practicing gratitude are psychologically, emotionally, and physically healthier than those that don’t. Those that practice gratitude benefit in some of the following ways: Feel better about their lives as a whole Experience greater […]

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Slow Down to the Speed of Life. Interview with Psychologist and Author Joe Baily


Feeling like life is moving too fast and you can’t keep up? Anxious and frustrated? Then, Slow Down to the Speed of Life. Slow Down to the Speed of Life is a phenomenal interview with psychologist and author Joe Bailey where we discover how to change our thinking in order to better handle the stress […]

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Would You Please Stand Up and Get Outside

credit: RHaynes

              It shouldn’t be an earth shattering concept, but being outside is good for us. It’s more than a nice experience to be in a beautiful environment, it’s good for your health. In the article, “Spending Time Outdoors is Good For You”, from the Harvard Health Letter,  researchers have found […]

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We All Need Compassion…From Ourselves

I believe that a universal experience in life is that we are often extremely hard on ourselves.  We criticize ourselves for our failures and shortcomings, we devalue our strengths and contributions, and we tear at the fabric of our very being with anger and sometimes hatred.  We don’t always see this in others because this […]

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What A 400lb Weight Loss Can Teach Us


  Can you believe one man lost 400 pounds without diet products and without surgery? I find that we can often gain encouragement and insight through other peoples stories.  If Brian Flemming can lose 400lbs, don’t you think you could lose the weight you want? Here’s what we can learn from Brian’s process that we […]

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Weight Loss & Women Over 40: Interview With Heidi Diller, RD

As life changes as we age, our strategies for optimal health need to change too. Adapting to our current stage of life with a new mindset and strategy will help women (and men) move successfully through their 40’s, 50’s, and beyond.  Heidi Diller is a Registered Dietician with extensive experience in helping people bridge to […]

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Hungry For Happiness: Interview with Robin Silverman

Robin L. Silverman JPEG

It’s not uncommon that we are searching for happiness in all the wrong places.  We are hungry for happiness.  If we can find the root of what makes us truly happy and fill our lives with meaning, significance, and love we will find ourselves on a road to happiness that lasts. In this podcast we […]

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What Health Can Buy: Part 2


When I talk to people who are contemplating losing weight or improving another part of their health I often hear of their fear of deprivation or hardship.  “I want to lose weight, but I hate the taste of vegetables”.  “I want to get healthier, but I really don’t like working out”.   Even before they […]

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Breaking Through Self-Limiting Beliefs


    We could accomplish so much more in life if we could push through our self-limiting beliefs.  In this podcast we’ll learn how ultra-marathon runners (those who run more than 50 mile races) bust through self-limiting beliefs to run farther and accomplish more. You many not run a ultra-marathon, but we all have thoughts […]

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Reversing Diabetes Naturally: Interview with Dr. Jason Fung


  According to the CDC more than 29 million Americans have Type II diabetes.  Another 86 million have pre-diabetes which left unchecked may result in full blown type II diabetes.  This disease has long been thought to be a life long condition that you adapted to and treated, but could not cure. If we could […]

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Your Body Knows Best: Interview with Dr. Jeff Sandquist Part II


  When we are working to improve our health, it’s important to listen to our bodies.  Your body knows best.  If you are on the right track your body will send you signals that you are doing great.  If you are off track, your body will let you know too. Think of the advertisements for […]

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Your Body Knows Best: Interview with Dr. Jeff Sandquist Part 1


  When we are working to improve our health, it’s important to listen to our bodies.  Your body knows best.  If you are on the right track your body will send you signals that you are doing great.  If you are off track, your body will let you know too. Think of the advertisements for […]

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The Best New Year Resolution: Do What You Know


  It is that time of the year when we realize it is time to get going on our goals.  We want to lose weight, improve our relationships, or maybe find a new job. My friend Shaun Goodsell came up with this bit of wisdom: “When we look to the future and what we want […]

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Do Calorie Counts Destroy Our Pleasure Of Food?


  Recently the Food and Drug Administration has announced that policies that require calorie counts on food items or in restaurants will lead to lost pleasure for us.  Knowing what we are eating will reduce our pleasure in our food.  Really?  The FDA is concerned that we won’t like our food as much if know […]

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Lessons Learned from 10 Years of Sustained Weight Loss


  Thanksgiving is almost here and that means other major holidays are right behind running all the way through the new year.  We’ll being going to many celebrations with friends and family, work parties abound, and many of the religious and social organizations we belong to will be hosting celebrations as well. For many of […]

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Surviving & Thriving in the Holidays


    Ah, the holidays are coming.  We are now in the throes of a marketing blitz to capture every dollar that retailers can get from us.  Black Friday is getting darker as more retailers are opening earlier every year.  This year many stores will be opening their doors at 5pm on Thanksgiving Day. The […]

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The Humbling Power of Failure


    Biography’s of extremely successful people have often revealed that they have had their share of failures.  Steve Jobs was forced out of Apple, the company he founded.  J.K. Rowling was living on welfare when she wrote Harry Potter.  Tim Ferris was rejected by dozens of publishers before someone took a chance on The […]

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We All Need A Little Compassion…From Ourselves


I believe that a universal experience in life is that we are often extremely hard on ourselves.  We criticize ourselves for our failures and shortcomings, we devalue our strengths and contributions, and we tear at the fabric of our very being with anger and sometimes hatred.  We don’t always see this in others because this […]

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Your Crazy Thinking and What to Do About It


Let’s admit it. We all have crazy thinking. If you are alive and still breathing, you can’t escape a little crazy thinking now and then. Some people have more crazy thinking than others, and some less. But it’s a universal experience. Sometimes it’s hard to identify in ourselves, but it’s there. We have thoughts that […]

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Preface: Get Smart and Get Slim


Get Smart and Get Slim by Dennis Bird Preface   If we are so smart, why are we so fat?  I don’t mean this to be judgmental or condescending. More than anything, it’s an observation.  We’ve sent people to the moon, cured diseases, invented computers and smart phones, and revolutionized how we communicate and connect […]

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Ask These 3 Questions Before You Buy or Try Anything New


This last weekend I went to a conference called SimpleRev. This  event was all about  simplifying our lives and getting rid of distractions  so we can focus on what’s important to us. One of the presenters, Patrick Rhone  offered 3 questions to ask ourselves before we buy or try anything new in our lives. What […]

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What You Need to Know About Your Physiology


Understanding our physiology in how our insulin responds to carbohydrates is extremely important. If insulin levels in our bodies are too high then we are unable to burn fat.  If it is low, fat is able to be released for energy. Everyone’s response to a rise in blood sugars is different.  To explain the mechanisms […]

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Discouraged? Then Look Up and Look Around

Lake District 2

Discouragement is a normal part of life. In fact, I believe that discouragement is a key indicator that whatever we are discouraged about is extremely important us.  We get discouraged about our weight, our relationships, and our careers.  There are others, but these are the three big ones. Discouragement produces a lack of confidence in […]

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Can You Get Comfortable With Discomfort?

kalnik 037

Can You Get Comfortable With Discomfort? When we are in the process of changing our lives to improve our health, our relationships, or our careers we will face discomfort because we changing the trajectory of our lives and moving in a new direction. Understanding how to deal with discomfort is important to achieving goals that […]

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Build Incredible Willpower: Interview With Dean Dwyer of The Make Shift Happen Show


Build Incredible Willpower with Dean Dwyer  (www.deandwyer.com) Willpower is a key to achieving so many goals in life, including losing weight and being able to maintain our weight for life.  Are we born with willpower? Is it magical, where either you have willpower or you don’t? Dean has a prospective on willpower that will have […]

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It’s Worth Repeating: Is It Time To Renew Your Weight Loss Vows?


Summer is just about over and Fall is on the way!  For many of us we entered the season with the hopes of losing weight or maintaining our weight  throughout the myriad of vacations, dinners out, and barbecues. Have you lost your momentum and gained a few?  Well not to worry. Losing and maintaining weight […]

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Are You In The No?

Credit: JessicaGale

Are You in the No? If not, your “yes” will make it more difficult for you to achieve your long term weight goals. This is a re-broadcast of an early podcast “The Power of No” which was released in March 2014.  In the last couple weeks of summer, I’ve decided to re-release of couple of my […]

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Simplify Your Way to Better Health: Interview With Joel Zaslofsky of Smart and Simple Matters


    What does simplicity have to do with health?  At first glance, maybe nothing. But as we probe deeper into trying to simplify our lives with great advice and wisdom from Joel Zaslofsky, it’s clear that simplicity can have a great impact on our health.  By de-cluttering our lives, careers, and belongings we can […]

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Reinvent Yourself Into Who You Are

I can think back to so many times I wished I was someone different. Growing up I wanted to be more athletic like my cousins.  Three boys from the same family all played football and went to Division III colleges on scholarship.  They were excellent athletes and physically fit, and as I remember it  they […]

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The Catch 22 of Stress Eating

Stress eating creates a Catch 22 cycle. We get stressed, eat too much in response, feel stressed about overeating, and then due to increased stress, overeat again. Stress is a natural response to a real or perceived threat that triggers a cascade of hormonal changes that give us the tools we need to respond to […]

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It’s A New Diet Drug! Is This Big News?

Do diet drugs deliver on their promises? A new diet drug, Belviq, is about to be released. This is the first new drug to gain FDA approval in 15 years, but will it be another failure along with the many other diet drug fiascoes? According to ABC News, there has been numerous diet drug failures […]

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Repeat Offenders: Breaking the Weight Loss/Weight Gain Cycle

How many times have you lost weight, only to gain it back again?  How can it be that we can have short term success but cant maintain it for the long haul? I’ve been a repeat offender too many times to count over my lifetime up until about 13 years ago.  I understand how frustrating […]

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What a 400lb Weight Loss Can Teach Us

Can you believe one man lost 400 pounds without diet products and without surgery? I find that we can often gain encouragement and insight through other peoples stories.  If Brian Flemming can lose 400lbs, don’t you think you could lose the weight you want? Here’s what we can learn from Brian’s process that we can […]

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Vacations: To Blow or Not to Blow Your Diet

It’s summer!  And that means it’s time for vacations.  I can remember being a kid and loving my summers in California.  Beach trips, sailing trips, and camping in the mountains were a few of the things I enjoyed the most. Now that I’m an adult, it would be great to have 3 months off during […]

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Are People Crazy For Trying Crazy Diets?

Are people crazy for trying crazy diets? Crazy? No.  Desperate? Yes.   Worse yet, there are companies and people willing to capitalize on our desperation.  They have tapped into that hunger to lose weight and will prey on our frustration that we’ve tried so many diets that ultimately have failed.  When people are desperate, it’s understandable […]

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The Fast 5 Diet: Interview with Dr. Bert Herring

Intermittent fasting is not a common idea to many people, but it is growing in awareness through popular media and the web.  Fasting can seem like a crazy or unhealthy way of eating because we are so used to eating on regular intervals: 3 meals a day with 3 snacks in between.  If that is what […]

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Is Fat Being Vindicated?

Saturated fat has been the arch enemy of health for decades, but has saturated fat wrongly implicated? A lot of the research that was generated in the 50’s and 60’s is shaky at best, but was the precursor to our obsession with eliminating fat from our diet.  Thus the Low Fat diet was born.  What […]

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Fat Man in the Mirror: Thin Man in the Room

What happens when your mental image of yourself doesn’t align with reality? John Janetzko lost 125 pounds but still saw himself as being fat when he looked at himself in the mirror.  How could that be? We have mental pictures of ourselves that develop over time.  It’s our self-concept.  If you been overweight for many […]

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Don’t Look Now, But You’re Eating Again!

Mindless eating is a curse to losing weight and keeping it off. In this episode, we’ll look at the research of  Dr. Brian Wansink of Cornell University about the psychology of overeating. In this podcast I erroneously called Dr. Wansink,  Brian Wasniak on a number of occasions. My apologies for the oversight and butchering of […]

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What Health Can Buy

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Last Sunday I ran 13.1 miles, a half-marathon.  I can remember a time when I would be out of breath climbing a flight of stairs and couldn’t run a mile without stopping to walk. Losing 80 pounds has given me greater opportunities to engage in activites that I previously wasn’t able to do.  Being healthy […]

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Do You Eat What You Like or Like What You Eat?

There are foods I know that are good for me that I just don’t like, specifically fish and mushrooms.  We have heard of the health benefits of many foods that for some reason we just don’t like.  But the question being posed is “can we learn to like foods that we don’t enjoy?” There is […]

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Review of “FAT CHANCE” by Dr. Robert Lustig

  In episode #18 we review the key idea of Robert Lustig’s book FAT CHANCE in which he states his case on why the obesity epidemic and it’s host of health problems is not due to gluttony and slot (you eat too much and move to little).  Lusting goes through the science behind two key […]

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Is It OK to Be Fat?

This is a review of the Ted Talk by Golda Poretsky entitled “Why it is Ok to be Fat”.  Golda has a unique approach to the issue of obesity that on one level is compassionate and on another level is a little disheartening.  I sympathize with the frustrations Golda has experienced with the ups and […]

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You’re Not 18 Anymore. Stop Eating Like You Are.

  Ah! To be 18 again when you could eat with abandon!  Well, even at 18 I couldn’t eat with abandon without gaining weight, but I didn’t gain as much weight as I would now.  But how many times do you see photos of people who are young, thin, and strong only now to see them […]

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Transform Pessimistic Thinking: Grow Your Optimism

This is part 3 of the 3 part series on pessimism and optimism and the impacts they have our our health. Having the right mindset makes all the difference in the world when you are trying to lose weight and maintain it for life.  In this episode, we’ll look at some simple and effective strategies […]

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The Opportunity With Optimism

Interpreting life in optimistic ways is a key to achieving life goals.  Pessimistic thinking plagued me for much of my life and when I started to transform my thinking with optimism, a great deal in life improved; including my weight and health. Optimists’ lives are not perfect, but the way they approach life sets them […]

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The Problem With Pessimism

When it comes to your health goals pessimism is a problem.  Pessimism is much bigger than being negative. It has far reaching consequences in our self-esteem, our relationships, and our ability to achieve what we want in life. I’ve overcome a pessimistic way of interpreting life and become more optimistic which is the single biggest […]

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Act As If You Are Thin

You’ve heard the term: Fake it ’till you make it. This is actually a sound psychological principle when people are trying to make changes in their lives.  We don’t always have the confidence or the belief that we can accomplish the goals around our health.  I understand that. After many failures in my weight loss […]

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Is it Time to Renew Your Weight Loss Vows?

It’s already March and the health clubs are starting to thin out in numbers. I’m starting to see the yearly winnowing of club members as the enthusiasm for their weight loss goals starts to fade.  We are only a couple of months into 2014 and already we need a boost to keep our goals on track.  […]

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Get Unstuck and Get Losing

At times in life we feel stuck. Stuck in our relationships, stuck in our careers, and stuck in our health. When we are stuck we feel like we have lost the ability to choose and have control over our life.  Being stuck has more to do with how we are thinking than with the circumstance […]

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Being Mentally Tough: Interview with Shaun Goodsell

  Mental toughness gives us the tools we need to achieve our most important goals in life, whether we are working to improve our health, career, relationships, or athletics. High performance coach Shaun Goodsell  has worked with top athletes at all levels of sports,  including pro athletes. He shares his insights and strategies for building […]

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The Full-Fat Paradox: Whole Milk May Keep Us Lean

  Is fat making a comeback?  We have been shunning fat since the 1980’s when the low-fat craze got a foothold in our culture and food industries.  So when everyone started taking out the fat, they added sugar and processed grains to make it palatable.  Obesity and obesity related disease has been on the rise ever […]

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Interview with 5Percenter Rhoda Caplan of Toronto, Ontario

This interview with 5Percenter Rhoda Caplan proves that it’s never to late to change your lifestyle, lose weight, and keep it off for the long haul.  Rhoda is a delightful individual and she shares her insights and strategies into sustainable weight loss.  As you will hear, this isn’t rocket science. But it does take grit, […]

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Swallow a Balloon and Lose Weight? Yet Another Product That Promises Results.

I originally came acrross this story through The Diet Doctor at www.dietdoctor.com.  Thanks to Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt of Sweden and his team of researchers who posted this on his website.    This technology isn’t available in the US yet, but it does bring up some interesting questions about using medical devices or surgery to help with […]

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The Power of No

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There are food pushers everywhere we go. These are well meaning people who push the food on us that we are trying to avoid so we can lose weight or maintain our weight. We have to cultivate the power to say “no” so we can achieve our goals.  “No” is powerful and it is liberating […]

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Using Food to Starve Cancer? What You Eat Does Matter.

This video continues the main theme of this website and podcast. Stick with real foods, especially the fruits, vegetables, and real food spices and according to Dr. Li you may be able to beat cancer before it starts, starve cancer after it starts, and help with obesity. Yet another great Ted Talk!

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Common Sense Strategies for Weight Loss & Maintenance

With all of the different options there are for diet plans, it can be daunting to know what to do.  My recommendation, if you haven’t done so, is to start with my podcast “What the Best Diets Have in Common“.  If you adopt the eating plans of a diet that focuses on whole, minimally processed […]

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What the Best Diets Have in Common

It can be frustrating when we hear conflicting advice about how to eat. While there are competing ideas out there, I have found some good commonalities among the best strategies I’ve come across. I encourage you to adopt a strategy and lifestyle change that has these three things incorporated: They are sustainable. If you adopt […]

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Be Good To Your Microbes

One of the concepts I’ve come across over the last couple of years is the importance of microbial health as a part of overall health.  We often think of microbes as potentially harmful entities to our bodies, but the truth is that having a well functioning group of microbes in and around us is essential. […]

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Interview with 5Percenter Jessica of Girdwood, Alaska

Jessica shares her story of weight loss and maintenance with honesty and personal insight.  We all have our own process and we can learn from each other, but what’s important is that you find what works for you. Jessica’s journey is both unique and universal, take note of how you relate and are different and […]

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Peter Attia: Is the obesity crisis hiding a bigger problem?

This a thoughful and comassionate alternative theory on what’s at the heart of obesity. Researcher Dr. Peter Attia presents a hypothesis that will help you unstand the relationship between insulin resistance, metabolic disorder, and obesity.  If you like to know more about Dr. Attia and his work, you can find him at his blog, The […]

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The Simplest Way to Drop 20 Pounds

Over the last month I’ve run into two people I haven’t seen for awhile. They visibly had lost weight and were proud to confirm that they had each lost about 20 pounds.  Now when people lose weight I have a hard time not asking about how they did it.  There are so many ways to […]

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Sandra Aarnodt. Why Dieting Doesn’t Usually Work

This is a great video that discusses how the brain works and why dieting is not a good strategy. My take away is that lifestyle changes make the greatest impact on our health and that being mindful of our hunger and satiety is one of the best skills we can learn to lose and maintain […]

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You Are Only One Meal Away

We often bargain for a future date to begin our new lifestyle. The key to lifestyle change, weight loss, and maintaining your weight for a lifetime is to start with your next meal. Don’t wait for the future. You are only one meal away from starting a new life.

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Ditch the Diets

If diets are so successful, why are we constantly going on diets? Does it ever end?  In this episode we’ll explore why most diets fail and how to think like a 5Percenter to achieve your weight loss goals for the rest of your life.

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Laying the Foundation for Permanent Weight Loss

This is the first podcast of the 5Percenters where I’ll be laying the foundation for why I’m creating a new podcast, how this podcast will be differentiated from others, and for the format of the show.

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5 Myths of Obesity. Are there only 5?


In a recent Star Tribune editorial Deborah Cohen, a senior natural scientist at the Rand Corporation, came up with 5 myths of obesity that she has found in her research.  I think she has a good start to the myths, but I added a few more. Myth #1. If you are obese you can blame […]

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New Year, New Diet?

Photo: Max Straeten

We are wrapping up another year and looking forward to a new beginning. For some of us this has been a year of success in our health, but for many of us it’s been another year of dieting frustration. We started out strong in January and gained momentum in February and March, but as the […]

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