Drive by Wisdom: What is a Crisis of Faith?


In this next episode of Drive by Wisdom we’ll look at what a crisis of faith is about and how it can be a platform for growth.

Drive by Wisdom: Why Do We Get Stressed?

  In this short video, I talk about common reasons we get stressed and how we can rethink our situations to gain insight on how to lessen our stress levels. Drive by Wisdom is a new platform I’m trying to communicate my ideas. Let me know if you have topics you’d like me to speak […]

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The Push Toward Courage

  Last month I went a rock climbing camp with the Boy Scouts in Taylors Falls, MN.  The boys got to learn about rock climbing gear, safety, and climbing techniques.  They also got to climb on real rock vs. the man made climbing walls they tried in rock climbing gyms. It takes a tremendous amount of […]

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Flawed and a Little Crazy. It’s a Good Starting Point.

I have to admit it, but I’m deeply flawed and a little crazy. Aren’t we all? Much of life is geared about trying to seem normal and healthy to all those around us. In the workplace and around our friends and acquaintances we work hard to show only the positive things in our lives. We […]

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America the Beautiful

There is nothing like a road trip to remind me about how beautiful our country is. On the way  to our annual ski trip we drove through the Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, commonly know as the Bad Lands. We drove through the National Grasslands in ND and then Montana where you drive […]

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Working With The Gravitational Pull Of Life

Downhill skiing reveals the pull of  gravity that many other activities don’t.  When you are at the top of the mountain and point your skis downhill, gravity takes over. It’s an exhilarating experience and sometimes frightening, but I’m learning that if I work with gravity by adjusting my weight and skis I can make my […]

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