Solve Your Problems By Not Focusing On Them


There are times in life when it seems that we can’t find answers to our problems.  No matter how hard we try to come up with the solution, we get more frustrated and anxious because we are not making progress. If feels like we are spinning out of control or going down a dark tunnel with no return.

One of reasons for this is that we are trying to use our analytical mind to solve complex problems.  Our analytical mind is great at solving problems that have concrete solutions like balancing an out of balance checkbook, scheduling a vacation, or finding an alternate route to work.  But when we have problems in our health, relationships, or career our analytical mind isn’t helpful because problems in these areas are often complex.  We need another way to solve them.

The best thing we can do is to let go and stop focusing on our problems. This sounds crazy, but it works. When we stop focusing on our problems with our analytical mind, we allow our creative mind and internal wisdom to work on the solution in the background and bring the solution to the foreground when it’s done.

We have all experienced this when we’ve been stuck on a issue at work. We try hard to figure it out and get to a point of frustration where we say, “Forget it!  I can’t figure this out!”.  At this point you get up and go for a short walk or go for a cup of coffee.  As you are drinking your coffee and looking out the window at the beautiful day you suddenly come up with the answer!  That is your creative mind and internal wisdom at work.

I encourage you to listen to this short podcast and learn more about how our creative mind can help us solve some of our more frustrating problems.




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